Letter to the editor: Thank you Prospect Town Council and Mayor Bob


As a concerned citizen of Prospect and living 1500 feet from the proposed wind turbines, I attended the Prospect Town Council meeting on Tuesday night. Everyone in attendance listened intently to Mr. Zupkis and Mr. Vallillo present BNE’s side of the story. Everyone also listened to all of the concerned residents and Save Prospect Corp. members who spoke. As a taxpayer in Prospect, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Mayor Bob and all members of the Town Council for listening to us. Mayor Bob pushed the issue to expedite the Council’s involvement in issuing some type of position or proclamation on the Town’s position in the BNE proposal to the Siting Council. The Town Council responded swiftly and thoughtfully by creating an exploratory sub-committee to research the impacts and benefits of this proposal. They provided an impartial open-forum where both sides presented their case. As a citizen directly impacted by this project, it was awesome to see Mayor Bob and the Town Council step up and recognize the importance of their role to protect the citizens of Prospect and respond to it. Everyone in attendance once again proved that this is definitely the “Best Small Town in Connecticut.


Richard Sargeant Jr.