Letter to the editor: Taxpayers must take responsibility


Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter, “Borough needs to more,” which ran in the May 6 edition of the Citizen’s News.

Very simply, Umesh Kapadia-“Borough needs to more” May 6, 2011–You know you have to pay taxes on your property and you know those taxes are divided into two payments per year. Whatever happened to being responsible and reminding yourself?

I find it entertaining that our country has become a society of coddlers, between the requests to mail reminders on a guaranteed bill, credit card induced bankruptcy, to abuse in the welfare system, corporate bailouts and foreclosure assistance for those not in desperate needs and so on.

I am by no means perfect and have forgotten that bill myself. But, I have never gotten mad at the staff in the tax office because I must pay the fines and penalties. I have gone as far as putting the bill on my fridge and looking at it for six months. One time I was in line to pay my taxes and an older woman was yelling at the tax clerk because “Didn’t she know it was Christmas time?” Is she new to homeownership?

I guess I was happy for this woman that she was so wealthy that this was any old bill she just paid, instead of like most of us, which must save every month a budgeted amount. She was one of the lucky ones I suppose. Me, I try to do better every year. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, but I recognize it’s always my responsibility. I’m a grown up now.

Catharine Colella