Letter to the editor: Reelect Mike Ciacciarella as burgess


When I first met Mike Ciacciarella 10 years ago on the Zoning Commission, I was very impressed with his intelligent handling of zoning applications and his kindness to the people in the audience.

As his vice-chair, I can tell you he spent countless volunteer hours researching each application so that he could make informed decisions. When he saw that the regulations needed rewriting and updating, he again spent many hours doing it. That is why it was both a pleasure and a privilege to serve with him.

As a burgess these past two years, Mike Ciacciarella has again made a positive impression on us all with his accomplishments. He is the only burgess to hold quarterly meetings for the public to meet with him and discuss what is bothering them.

When he heard at one of these meetings, that the residents in the Cross and Cherry Street neighborhoods were having issues with the odors from the Water Treatment plant, he stepped in to correct this problem by helping the residents organize, contacting the DEP and WPCB, ameeting with the Water Treatment Plant operators to find the source of and solution to the odor problem.

When residents complained of blight in Union City, Mike helped organize the neighborhood and many volunteers from all over Naugatuck to have a clean-up day in the area. So far there have been three clean-ups, resulting in an amazing transformation from blight to beautiful, including many landscaping and planting projects as well as new sidewalks and new trash cans that line North Main Street.

These are just a few of the many issues that he has successfully addressed for his constituents. Mike listens and then makes things happen.

As a fiscal conservative, Mike Ciacciarella has voted against increased spending and voted against a tax increase in 2010.

As a man with four young children, a wife, full-time career as an electrical engineer and a homeowner, his spare time is precious to him. How grateful we should all feel that he has chosen to give so much of it in service to his community. We need to bring back Mike Ciacciarella for another two years. Please get out and vote on Monday, May 2 for Mike Ciacciarella – row 6A.

Diana Raczkowski