Letter to the editor: Re-elect Mike Ciacciarella


I am writing in support of Mike Ciacciarella’s re-election to burgess in Naugatuck.

As a small business owner in Naugatuck, I see how Mike is supportive of small businesses and keeping things local. It is important to our local economy to have the support of our representatives.

Mike works well with everyone regardless of their political party and is someone who just gets things done. In two years, he has accomplished many goals and kept many promises to the people of Naugatuck. I know countless people throughout town who have called him and he has researched their issues, solved their problems and answered their questions.

Mike is also the burgess who has worked the hardest at keeping taxes down—he was the only one last year who voted against a tax increase because the budget was too high and he thought more could be done to help taxpayers. He is always watching out for taxpayers’ dollars. In this tough economy, we need Mike more than ever. Re-elect Mike Ciacciarella for burgess on May 2.

Kevin Cretella