Letter to the editor: Push for full-time First Selectman Republican ploy


Over the past few weeks in this newspaper we seem to have been experiencing a coordinated, or an amazingly coincidental, effort on the part of Beacon Falls Republicans to solve their problem enticing a candidate to run for the position of First Selectman. They would like to use our tax dollars to serve as an incentive for otherwise reluctant individuals to step up to the political plate.

Susan Cable, our First Selectman, who serves defacto full time, knows that we can not afford the full-time pay and expensive benefits and perhaps lifetime retirement checks the Republicans are pushing for. One writer stated without apparent irony that we should “start eliminating career politicians,” He wants to accomplish this by initiating a new, unneeded, career position in Beacon Falls.

Even in these tough economic times the position of First Selectman in Beacon Falls should not be used as a safety not for the under or unemployed nor used as training wheels for future CEO’s as suggested by one of the writers.

Ned Grace
Beacon Falls


  1. It would be a mistake for First Selectman Susan Cable to engage in a trivial back and forth over the full time position structure suggested by Selectman M. Krenesky.

    The very idea that the current structure of the First Selectman position will not yield qualified candidates to run in future elections is foolish and absurd.

    Political positions are not full time career’s as some have suggested. Nor is the position a stepping-stone for recent graduates to step into. Sound judgment, performance and conduct, knowledge of the political system, its laws, and past experience volunteering on boards, commissions and committees all make for a new, future candidate to run for First Selectman in Beacon Falls.

  2. Apparently Mr Grace has not taken the time to speak with the 1st Selectman Cable, who during the interview for the original article declared, “if the taxpayers want to pay me more money, I’ll take it!” She further stated at a recent Board of Finance Meeting (Feb 15th), that she and Selectman Sorrentino will be making a counter proposal in support of raising her salary over the next several years.

    So, who is playing politics here?