Letter to the editor: Proud to lead the United Way


This year I am honored to be President of the United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls.

As a life-long resident of Naugatuck, I know the strength of this community and its people. I see with my own eyes all of the good that United Way does right here. Every hour that is volunteered and every dollar that is donated makes a difference in the lives of so many. We are proud that 80 cents ($0.80) of every dollar donated is put back into our community helping those in need.

When we reflect on the challenges and conflicts affecting our nation and the world today, it’s easy to forget about the personal crises occurring every day in our very own community. The challenges faced by your neighbors may not make national headlines, but they are urgent and real. The United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls responds to these needs through a broad network of services.

The human care agencies funded by our United Way provide mental health and counseling services, training the disabled for jobs, help high-risk infants and children, support youth development programs and provide a safe place from physical and sexual abuse. These are just a few of the local needs met right here every day. You can be sure your investment will go far – but not far away – in making this community better . . . for the young, healthy and growing, as well as the elderly, ailing and physically or mentally challenged.

I look forward to receiving your support to help this wonderful organization create a stronger, healthier and more self sufficient Naugatuck and Beacon Falls. Together we are strong. Live United.

Marcelo R. Martins

President, United Way of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls