Letter to the editor: Previous letter misrepresents Wolfe Ave. situation


Dear Editor,

In the Letter to the Editor posted online on Jan. 13, Mr. Woodward misrepresents a few points. First of all, the 35 Wolfe Avenue property was purchased for ‘municipal uses’ – not specifically for municipal offices. The thought at that time was that it was an ideal site for a library / community center. Moving the library out of the top floor of the current town hall would inevitably free up space for additional offices in that building. Secondly, having served on the Wolfe Avenue committee, Mr. Woodward knows full well that the building is not in ‘excellent’ condition. It has major deficiencies including a moisture problem in the basement which caused the floor there to buckle. Our public library is bursting at its seams. There IS a large contingent of the community that wants to see a library / community center on that property. We no longer want to be at the bottom of the list when the Connecticut Magazine publishes its Best Town list. We are aching for a larger space to meet the intellectual, social, and cultural needs of this town. The letters to the editor put out by a small group is making it seem as if that is not so. While there is not a definite plan set out yet, there is a series of steps that have already been taken. Let the process continue to fully develop that plan. Finally, Mr. Woodward should put as much energy into his activities as an economic development commissioner as he is to saving this so-called historic home as that commission failed to meet 6 times out of last 12 months. Beacon Falls needs additional tax revenue from businesses, relieving the burden on residents.

Joseph F. Dowdell
Beacon Falls