Letter to the editor: Opposes full-time First Selectman


I am opposed to the suggestion that we make the job of Beacon Falls First Selectman full time with full-time pay and benefits.

The town of Beacon Falls is proud of its tradition of volunteer service on its boards and commissions and for its volunteer protective services to which we entrust our safety and property. Our Board of Selectmen, including our First Selectman, receive compensation that no where near reflects the responsibility and time their jobs require. Through the decades good, qualified men and women, Republicans and Democrats, have considered it a privilege to serve our people willingly, sacrificing time, money and energy to do so.

We have always been careful with taxpayers’ money in Beacon Falls. Our system of town meetings and referenda, a New England tradition, gives us a measure of control over our finances, unfunded state and federal mandates not withstanding.

We have a referendum coming up, and we get to decide about spending our money on maintaining our infrastructure. What we don’t need is to pay for another full-time executive position when our current Selectmen and First Selectman are more than meeting their responsibilities under the current system.

It’s time to leave well enough alone and stop playing “The Price is Right” with our money.

Joseph R. Getlein
Beacon Falls