Letter to the editor: Opinion poll is biased


Dear Editor,

Regarding your Citizens’ News on-line “Quality of Life” Poll on the Wind Turbine Proposal, wouldn’t it be a more clear question if worded: “Do you support the BNE Energy Wind Turbine proposal in Prospect which borders Route 69 and several neighborhoods.”
You are leaving out a very important fact, rendering the survey flawed. You are totally misleading your readers into thinking there may be no safety and “Quality of Life” issues. After all it is under this section on your web site! With risk of ice throws, blade break risk, sound and shadow flicker issues, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the “Quality of Life” will be seriously affected in a very negative way.  You may want to follow the story that Quannah Leonard will be doing on little Tyler Nitsch, who suffers from several medical conditions which lead to seizures. Tyler has a service dog who serves to sense the seizures coming on and to protect young Tyler.  His quality of life will certainly be affected if he can no longer go in the yard, which will be about 1,400 feet from the turbine.

Please advise if my request can be accommodated in fairness to voters and your readers. Otherwise I suggest you pull the poll.


Tim Reilly


Save Prospect Corp