Letter to the editor: Naugatuck needs Tamath Rossi


I am writing this letter on behalf of Tamath Rossi. I find it most important that Tamath be reelected to the BOB (Board of Burgesses) for Naugatuck, not only as to the wonderful person that she is, but to the fact of how hard Tamath works for the citizens and community of Naugatuck.

I have sat on committees with Tamath, and through her experience and knowledge have learned so much, which enabled our committees to be so successful in all that we hoped to achieve. Those committees have been the blight and beautification committees.

I am a very devoted citizen to our community and when I need an answer or have a question regarding a community need I can always know that Tamath will get the answer or have the answers for me.

Tamath has given this community so much in time and constant being “there,” just ask your friends they all know Tamath. I most enjoy how she has that great way about her, always able to be approached without hesitation.

I know that Naugatuck needs Tamath Rossi so join me in reelecting Tamath to the BOB in this election.

Linda “Gigi” Ramos