Letter to the editor: Malloy should change his name to Weicker


Our new Governor has had a name change from the one he used in the campaign. He changed from Dan Malloy to Dannel Malloy.

I think he forgot to put in the change to his complete name Dannel Weicker Malloy. It does seem that with all the new taxes to save Connecticut it would be appropriate. I have been a registered Democrat for the last 40 years and have voted on the party line most of the time. Boy, what a mistake.

Democrats have had control of our state legislature for what seems forever and look at the mess we are in. I guess our new Governor Weicker Malloy does not see it this way and is ready to point the blame elsewhere.

P.S. Connecticut’s state tax on gasoline is 46 cents and New Jersey’s is 24 cents or 22 cents cheaper.

Dave Chemlen