Letter to the editor: Let taxpayers decide what to do with Lewis house


The so called Lewis house on Wolf Avenue still breeds controversy and it really should because it’s a damn controversial problem.

I feel because it is so controversial the townspeople should have a say what coarse of action is taken. The taxpayers decided to purchase it so if it’s going to be demolished this decision should be made by the owner – the taxpayers.

A financial decision of this magnitude should not be decided by the Board of Selectman nor by the Planning and Zoning Commission as I feel none are qualified to make such a decision. The Board of Selectmen is playing politics and the Planning and Zoning Commission can’t seem to carry out their regular responsibilities. Otherwise we wouldn’t have all these continual legal problems based on their decisions.

My suggestion would be to present three choices to the owners (taxpayers).

1. Sell it to someone who will renovate it for a private home. That way we keep our “historic house”.

2. Demolish it and end up with the most expensive building in town.

3. Renovate at a cost the town cannot afford because a small group thinks it would be best for their neighborhood.

Let’s face it – A serious mistake was made in purchasing this house for more than it was worth.

We should not act as if we could afford #2 and #3 because we can’t if we’re going to act responsibly.

I feel the people have a right to weigh in on this decision since they’ll be footing the bill.

Failure to allow this to come before the people could fire up the same people to make some changes at the election.

David R. Scott
Beacon Falls