Letter to the editor: Leading Naugatuck in the right direction


The first time I met Mike Ciacciarella was a chilly morning right before the first Union City Cleanup Day. He was wearing a round button that read, “Don’t leave Naugatuck, Lead Naugatuck.”

I thought the button was a bold statement. Most politicians pick up on a couple of problems and then spend their time complaining about them.

The impression I got from Mike was that he realized there was a more systemic problem in Naugatuck, and he was not afraid to talk about it. I saw in him a calm, steady leader.

I watched him closely that day as we swept, planted flowers and made new friends. I saw people coming up to him, sharing their ideas. He listened. He waited for them to finish and then asked them to help guide him by getting involved, always in a steady, calm demeanor.

Mike, his wife Anne and their children welcomed everyone who showed up that day with a smile, a hug and then a broom—their message? “Welcome to Union City, Let’s get to work.”

I am proud to be voting for Mike Ciacciarella for burgess. His friendly, yet firm attitude is just what we need to get working again. I encourage you to vote for Mike on Monday May 2 as well.

Monica Maglaris

Union City