Letter to the editor: Keep saints’ names on Catholic schools


Taking away the names of St. Francis and St. Hedwig schools is a huge mistake for Naugatuck history.

Combining the names would be a better solution.

Other Catholic schools have been merged and joined their names together. Why not in Naugatuck?

St. Francis has been here for more than 100 years. My mother came from Ireland more than 110 years ago and attended an early St. Francis School. My 10 brothers and sisters and I all attended St. Francis. Many other families in town have similar stories about St Francis or St. Hedwig’s school.

By changing this name you are affronting all of us, parishioners and contributors to the Catholic church. Don’t lose those memories and family associations, preserve the history.

St. Theresa is a beautiful saint. One of my sisters and a niece are named after her. But please don’t take away more than 100 years of history, simply for a fresh start. A combined name offers a fresh start with the bonus of a priceless legacy.

One suggestion I heard was St. Francis-St. Hedwig Catholic Academy. That’s classy and appropriate.

Dorothy O’Toole Brennan

St Francis School Class of 1935



  1. Great news that the name of the new school will be ST.Frances & ST. Hedwig. Nice that the Archdiocese listened to the opinion of the citizens.