Letter to the editor: Keep our neighbors in Prospect safe from wind turbine issues


To know something truly and closely, you have to step into that world and feel it.

Over the past three years or so, (I am new to CT), I have stepped into the world of Prospect, CT in the course of my work and also in spending time in nature. Many people have become friends to me, and even like family in town, although I live in Milford. I stepped into that world today, again, in the neighborhood where the proposed “wind turbines” would be placed. I saw and felt up close, all that would change if such a plan were to go forth, and how it would affect the people, my neighbors on the hill, in the ways of health, safety, and property value. But most of all, I saw the way it would affect everyone most, and that is in the way of community. A town like Prospect is becoming rare, and is a gift to our state. We have to treasure it, preserve it and care for it. If putting wind turbines on the hill will affect a whole neighborhood in many ways, we all must step into that world, and feel it as though it is us. And from that place, we make our choices, from the heart, as well as the mind. The right thing to do is to care for everyone. You cannot place a value on community, or on a neighborhood that is a safe and quiet haven to people after a day of hard work, and a peaceful place to raise children. These neighbors are our neighbors, no matter where we live in Connecticut.
The health concerns associated with wind turbines are very real. “Wind Turbine Syndrome,” is a collection of medical symptoms ranging from migraines and insomnia to tinnitus (ear ringing), dizziness, irritability, visual disturbances, and more. Dr. Nina Pierpont, and other well known authorities, have documented and studied this syndrome over years. To find more information on wind turbine syndrome, visit “saveprospect.com.” The medical issues are documented from real lives, real people, and pure experience. This is what matters most in medicine, people… real people. Many people live within the range of the sound that the turbines would make. It would be ever-present, and affect quality of every day life aesthetically, as well as with regard to health. We must look at this. These are our neighbors, and they matter.

The safety concerns of this project are stunning. One example being, the actual manufacturer of the turbines (GE) states that ice can be thrown from the blades of these turbines, for a distance of 1000 feet. Route 69, a very heavily travelled road, passes by the proposed site at 700 feet. This is clearly unsafe as far as location goes.

Now for property value. It matters. People often spend their whole lives saving for a home, or, building upon one and keeping it in a family. Imagine buying a home, or having one in your family forever, only to find that it will decrease up to 40 percent in value, because of a “wind energy” facility.

Green energy is good, and necessary. It is good for the health and welfare of the planet and people on it. However, when we implement “green energy” at a cost to our neighbors’ health and well-being, then it is no longer “green.” If we are to benefit from green energy, we must use it with the welfare of all in mind, not just those who are at a distance. We need to step into their world, feel it, and listen with our hearts.

Please visit www.saveprospect.com. There are facts there on statistics, safety, health, and economics of this situation, as well as ways you can help make a difference. Step into their world, and help keep our neighbors’ homes safe, quiet, peaceful and healthy. With open hearts as well as minds, we can preserve a rare and beautiful community, and do what is right and healthy for all in Connecticut, with the future of all in mind.

Char Marie