Letter to the editor: Katra has a willingness to serve


I think one of the most respectable qualities in a person is his or her willingness to serve the community. The borough needs someone who proactively seeks to implement positive change. We are fortunate to have that in one of our candidates for burgess, Matt Katra.

Matt fits right in among the Republican slate of highly qualified candidates. In 2005, Matt was serving the borough as a Zoning Commissioner and was appointed to the Finance Board in 2009, where he serves today. Beyond his appointed positions he has actively helped to campaign for numerous candidates in borough elections, and he holds a spot on the Republican Town Committee.

He is always one of the first people to volunteer his time to help out in whatever way possible. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and through that organization he has dedicated numerous volunteer hours to our community. His dedication to helping others is admirable, and I believe the borough board will be better off with Matt’s service.

Along with Matt’s willingness to serve, his commitment to fiscal conservatism is what the borough needs in this time of runaway budgets and overspending. Matt is in this race to make the tough decisions to help keep Naugatuck moving forward. He understands that you have to be judicious with the cuts you make. Matt will tackle wasteful spending on superfluous sections of the budget while ensuring the borough retains its most important programs and services. He has the experience and the drive necessary to put Naugatuck on a path towards prosperity. Matt will always keep Naugatuck’s best interests at the forefront of his decisions.

I hope everyone will join me in supporting Matt Katra for Burgess.

Seth Bronko