Letter to the editor: Is there any compassion left?


It is shameful that big companies lost their moral values and became GREED ( the root of all evil)! They use and abuse their employees and than fine excuses to fire them or they relocate for cheaper labor. Because of these “big companies” many people lost their homes and the unemployment rate is so high! Being at the age of 50+ and start allover again like a High School kids making $8.00 or $9.00/h is absolutely absurd. It is very depressing. No wonder we have so many crimes. The State or the Country should come together with some law to protect the labors. We are hard workers but not slaves. We deserveĀ  wages that we can live on and not struggle to the point of becoming so desperate of killing or rob to survive. And if at some point in our lives we no longer can work longer hours because of physical limitations we should not be put in a box and be thrown in a corner as if we are spoil goods. We are humans still able to do something.
We are a Nation ready to help other countries and we are neglecting tremendously our own people…Is there any compassion and understanding left among “big company”?

Maria DeRosa

Editors note: This letter is in response to the letterĀ  ‘Questions morals of big company’ than ran in the Jan. 14 edition of the Citizen’s News.