Letter to the editor: illegal immigrants


I would like to know what it is about illegal our elected officials don’t seem to understand. Why in the hell are illegal immigrants being treated as anything but what they are, which is illegal. I certainly don no have anything against immigrants as our ancestors were when they arrived in America. It’s the illegal part of the equation I don’t feel is in the best interest of our country .Why are the immigrants today not required to enter this country meeting legal requirements as our ancestors had to? We have a Constitution and laws of the land that our elected officials swear to uphold when they are sworn in (do they)??? No they don’t because if they did all these illegals wouldn’t be here. When some law enforcements tried to enforce the law, they were ordered to BACK OFF, why? The headline of the New Haven Register 11/19/10 read “In State tuition urged for illegals.” According to the article Senator Majority Leader Martin Looney D-New Haven is pushing for such a bill. Governor-elect Dan Malloy said he would sign such a bill into law. This is the same Dan Malloy that said he would put Connecticut back on its feet through financial responsibility. Signing a bill to allow “illegals” to receive a tuition the same as legal Connecticut citizens is insane and illegal. There’s that word again_ILLEGAL. To carry the insanity theme a little farther, I would think any and all members of the legislative body of Connecticut who would support such a bill violate the oath of office they took when sworn in. ILLEGAL (you get it yet???) I know that some words have more than one meaning depending on how it’s used in a sentence, but I don’t believe that illegal is one of them. According to Webster illegal means “contrary to law.” At this point he question would be to the legislators and Gov-elect; by what authority would you be acting upon, certainly not the oath you took to uphold the law, actually I feel you would be guilty of aiding illegals. It doesn’t take a genius to understand where this is all heading. I believe it’s heading toward amnesty for all illegals. Both major political parties have toyed with this idea for political gain. The thought is, if and when amnesty is granted to the party in power would have the legalized illegals in their back pocket at the polls. One only has to look at the change in Washington D.C. in the past twenty-two months with our freedoms being diminished and the Constitution being challenged to interpretation daily. Gov-elect Malloy stated before he was elected he would sign a bill to eliminate the death penalty in Connecticut and now the special tuition cost for illegals, which would be reduced by $16,000 each; he has agreed to sign if a bill is given to him. “ILLEGAL” You get it yet??? Who said crime doesn’t pay? (speaking of illegals only) To give credit where credit is due Governor Jodie Rell had bills like these submitted to her for signature. She refused both. Thank you Governor Rell.

-David R. Scott
Beacon Falls