Letter to the editor: Honored to support Ciacciarella


As a resident, taxpayer and small business owner in Naugatuck, it is a pleasure to support and endorse Mike Ciacciarella for burgess, and it’s an even bigger honor to call him my friend.

Mike Ciacciarella has shown that he is always there for me, as a local business owner and friend. What began as a relation of Mike being a customer, grew into a partnership with a goal in mind—to bring Union City to life and now, it is a close friendship with him and his family that I treasure.

Mike is an avid supporter of small and local businesses and through his work in Union City he has brought a neighborhood and community as a whole together. His support of my small business, Anna Donte’s Restaurant, has not only helped my business but I have made new and wonderful friends through the experience.

The clean-ups in Union City brought literally hundreds of people together to work for a common goal, and Mike has excited them into believing that by working together we can get things done. And, we have by working together. Mike is that kind of guy. He gets things done and he makes people feel inspired to be a part of it all.

Mike does this all on his own clock, not anyone else’s. He always makes time for people, is there in a minute if you call him and is the first one to put his hand out to help someone. He has a supportive wife and four wonderful kids who are learning by watching.

Watching Mike Ciacciarella gives us all a reason to put our hand up and say, “I’m voting for Mike Ciacciarella on Monday, May 2.”

Donna Grillo

Owner Anna Donte’s Restaurant