Letter to the editor: Historic Lewis house should be used for administrative space


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to walk the grounds and inspect the inside of the Historic Tracy Lewis House on the occasion of the visit by the grandson of Tracy Lewis. He lives in California and this was his first visit. We marveled at the solid construction of this 100 year old historic treasure. Obviously no expense was spared when it was constructed by the Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Company.

As we stood to the rear of the property, where it slopes down to the Main Street area, it became obvious that this is a very large lot with more than enough space to build a second municipal structure and still retain the historic house. This may be the best option for the use of this town owned property. For less money than it would take to tear down the historic structure, this main floor of the house could quickly be put to municipal use. Then plans could be made as to what use to make of the remaining property area.

The house has remained vacant for the two years after it was purchased by the town. It is time to move ahead and put the property to the originally planned additional municipal administrative space.

James W. Woodward
Beacon Falls