Letter to the editor: Help save our neighbor’s home


Time after time I have read many articles about Mrs. Ackerman’s home located at 146 Walnut St. It is very clear that her home has a greater meaning and she is doing everything in her power to save it. Instead of spending money in courts and lawyers why don’t we all pitch in and lift up this poor woman’s burden? Don’t let her die with a broken heart. It is on horrible thing to do.

Naugatuck has many good people ready to help and if we all give up one night out, I am sure we can be Mrs. Ackerman’s miracle. I don’t even know this woman but I am moved by her strength, courage and determination to fight for something very dear to her. We don’t need to know her to make a difference in her life. Where can we send donations? Let’s all be angels in disguise.

God bless,
Maria Derosa