Letter to the editor: Happy to endorse Mike Ciacciarella


As a parent, resident, and taxpayer here in Naugatuck, I happily support and endorse Mike Ciacciarella for burgess.

Mike was there for me as well as other fellow Maple Hill parents when we were faced with an impending WiMax tower that would have potentially put our children, our future, at risk. When I didn’t know who to turn to, I contacted Mike and he was there for us.

He served on zoning for 10 years and his intelligent insight into the issue was so very helpful. He cared about our concerns, even though he has no children that attend the school.

Mike cares about the residents of Naugatuck. He knows what he is doing and puts us as residents first, whether he knows you for years, months, weeks or just a few moments.

I am very proud to be voting for Mike Ciacciarella for burgess. He is kind, caring and knows what he is doing. If we have more people like Mike in this town, we can get through anything and turn it around.

Please get out and vote on Monday, May 2 for Mike Ciacciarella.

Dawn Postolowski