Letter to the editor: Dowling has the necessary knowledge


I have never felt compelled to write to (the Citizen’s News) before, but a campaign visit from Michelle Dowling struck a chord with me.

Michelle is running for Town Clerk of Naugatuck. She has served seven terms as assistant town clerk—meaning Michelle has actual, deep experience working in the office she now seeks to manage in this election.

After meeting Michelle, who came off as a warm person who really cared about her work for the town, it hit me that Michelle has the most important prerequisite for the job, she knows it inside and out.

Too often in elections, people will pull the lever based on party or name recognition without regard to who would be best at doing the job. I know I have been guilty of that on more than one occasion. Here, we have a candidate who knows the office far better than the competition and is a bright and engaging personality.

Michelle has spent over 12 years managing Naugatuck’s real estate and business records as well as its citizens’ marriage and birth certificates. The position she is running for demands this knowledge, it is not a ceremonial position. Michelle is simply the most qualified person for the job and that should be all that matters.

Gail Geary