Letter to the editor: Don’t close metro-north rail


As a former Naugatuck Mayoral candidate & as an ordinary citizen of this region, I have been a strong advocate for metro-north rail service to this region of Connecticut. Personally I used the service when I worked in Manhattan and on many trips to NYC. Those of us who occasionally fly from JFK can leave Naugatuck, Waterbury, Beacon Falls, Seymour etc step on a metro-north train to Grand Central then via subway to Jamaica Station and the airtrain to JFK terminals—economically and without the hassles of highway traffic in Connecticut & New York.

Many other folks ride this line to work in Bridgeport, Stamford, and NYC. Some folks even ride to visit friends in Beacon Falls or Seymour. During my campaigns for Mayor of Naugatuck, I realized that this rail link was vital to our economic well being. As a private citizen, I realize this is vital for my trips to New York City. DO NOT Close the Waterbury Line Gov Rell and Gov-elect Malloy.

Peter Jurzynski