Letter to the editor: Ciacciarella works for the people


Many people know me—I am the resident “Abraham Lincoln” in Naugatuck and all roads leading out of town as well. I attend functions, benefits and parades dressed as Lincoln and I enjoy this hobby of mine very much.

Many people in Naugatuck also know Burgess Mike Ciacciarella who is running for re-election on May 2. I am so happy to have met Mike and his family at an art show in town. When you meet Mike, the word “politician” doesn’t come to mind. He genuinely likes people and cares about people. And, when you meet Mike Ciacciarella, you are automatically a part of his family.

Mike has helped me a lot with my vision to bring arts to center stage in Naugatuck with his support of an art show that was a huge success in August and added an economic boost to all involved.

In his unassuming manner, he shows strength and leadership, brings people together and really does work for the people.

Vote for Mike Ciacciarella on Monday, May 2. It’s a vote for us, the people when you vote for Mike.

Lewis Dube