Letter to the editor: Ciacciarella represents all families


When it comes to neighbors, Mike Ciacciarella is not just a good neighbor, but a great neighbor. And, in the last two years, he has shown that he is everyone’s great neighbor and a great burgess. Naugatuck is so lucky to have him.

Mike is a wonderful person, who brings his strong work ethic and deep commitment to community to serving us, the people of Naugatuck, as our burgess.

I know how busy he is and we marvel at how he seems to get it all done—raising a family, having a career and yet, still, at the end of the day taking care of the town that he so passionately believes in.

Mike is usually the last one in the neighborhood to come home at night after his long days working and then evening meetings and events. We are fortunate that he is the one turning out the light because it gives us a feeling of being safe and secure, knowing that he cares about us and our town.

On Monday, May 2, our family will join many families who will vote for Mike Ciacciarella because we know that Mike, he represents all of our families.

Tom and Linda Colangelo