Letter to the editor: Ciacciarella cares for Naugatuck


I never paid too much attention to politics. To be honest, I rarely even voted because I never really felt like my voice would make a difference until I met Mike Ciacciarella.

I have never met someone who cares for his community more then Mike does. Mike has worked so hard for his community in the years that I have known him. He has set up the Union City Clean Up that myself and my children have participated in. As well as holding quarterly meetings to speak with the citizens of Naugatuck to see what he can do to help all of us out.

I myself have called upon him for help in the past and he was all too happy to help me out. Mike breathes fresh life into Naugatuck. Not only is he a very honest and caring man but a family man that is all too rare these days. I don’t think of Mike as a “politician.” Mike is so easy to relate to and down to earth. His family and his community come first.

Since meeting Mike, my children and I have been more involved in the community. My children look forward to attending the Union City Clean Up because it gives them a sense of community and has taught them to give back. My son has just registered to vote and is excited about being part of the voting process.

For that and everything else you have done Mike, for me and our community, I thank you.

Please vote for Mike Ciacciarella for burgess on Monday, May 2.

Denise Caputo