Letter to the editor: Carter has what it takes to be Town Clerk


I have known Ed carter for over 25 years. Ed and his wife Terri have raised a beautiful family and each member is an asset to our community.

I have personally witnessed Ed as a business owner. With customers he showed respect, generosity and kindness to everyone. His employees were treated like family and continue to be is friends today.

I have witnessed the same qualities in him as the Mayor’s Aide. He gives of himself to everyone with his time and expertise. Ed’s interest in our town became apparent when he became the Mayor’s Aide to Mayor Bob mezzo. In this capacity he continues to show one-on-one support to any issue or person he meets.

His past management experience, both in the Mayor’s office and at a corporate level, have added to Ed’s strengths and given Ed the understanding and the experience it takes to be a successful Town Clerk.

Please join me in voting for and supporting Ed Carter to be our next Town Clerk.

Angela Taylor