Letter to the editor: Call me a NIMBY


When I first heard about the wind turbines, I thought “that’s cool”. Then I started to research it. You may think this isn’t your concern, however remember whatever is determined here in Prospect will set the precedent for future turbines located in other residential communities throughout Connecticut. It’s easy to sit there and call people names. Call me a NIMBY. If that means I don’t want an almost 500-foot wind turbine within 1500 feet of my family home, then yes, I am and proud of it. I’m concerned for my neighbors who will be even closer to it. I guess that makes me NIMNBY. So before you make a decision, research them yourself.

I think what some people are missing is the big picture (maybe the money is blocking their view). We are for alternative green energy. I would love for our town to be a leader in this field and to receive the tax revenue, however not at the cost of its residents.

I think what should happen is BNE needs to look at where they are proposing to put the turbines. Right now everyone in the 1300-foot radius is recommended to wear a hardhat. Several homes and Route 69 are in that radius.

When turbines are successful is when they are placed in areas that are away from people.  Depending on quantity and height of the turbines, it looks like 1-1/2 miles is a safe distance. Find the right location and you would have the support of whole town and the state. Let’s make Connecticut the leader in the proper placement of the turbines. All over the world they are suffering from the same issues caused by turbines. Show that we can do it right.

As my husband says, “When does going green mean crushing people’s dreams?”

Sharry Sargeant

Prospect resident, wife, mom and NIMBY