Letter to the editor: Boycott package stores until Sunday sales


Connecticut residents should be able to buy beer on Sunday, but we can’t because the package stores, through the Connecticut Package Stores Association, are lining the pockets of lobbyists.

Residents should stop buying beer from package stores altogether, and buy it only in grocery stores. They are open every day.

What kind of financial burden are we talking about? These package stores are mom-and-pop operations. They have no employees who pay income taxes. The state is losing money because of some lobbyist getting rich from the package store association.

Gov. Dannel Malloy would sign a Sunday liquor sales bill because he sees added revenue. The grocery stores are all supporting Sunday sales, so let’s all get together and stop buying beer in package stores (as I have), and buy our your wine and whiskey out of state.

Let’s come out of the state of prohibition. All states bordering Connecticut benefit from no alcohol sales in Connecticut. What is the leadership of Connecticut thinking?

Charles Leissle