Letter to the editor: Borough must remind citizens about tax payments early


I received my house tax bill last June. I paid my first installment on time. But, for the second payment due in December, nobody from the borough sent me a reminder in January.

I received a reminder, in April, four months after the payment was due, informing me that I will have to pay interest charges for a late payment.

I feel the borough should remind people in January to make their second payments. Companies in the private sector send reminders immediately for late payments.

What kind of policy does this borough have?

I spoke with the Mayor, but he can not help me.

The borough needs to do a better job reminding households early about tax payments to save households money on interest charges, especially during these tough economic times when people can not afford these charges.

Naugatuck has a service to call homes during emergencies. Why not use this service to remind people?

Umesh Kapadia