Letter to the editor: BNE: Poor Results from Little Experience


The Hartford Courant recently reported that BNE Energy illegally cut down approximately 2.3 acres of protected state forest in North Canaan while clearing for a wind test site in 2008. Based on preliminary research, the Department of Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed this allegation. The official results of this investigation will be revealed in the coming weeks.

I will not dwell on the irony of a wind energy company (who claims their projects help save the environment) being found cutting down a protected state forest. What I must comment on is the negligence of BNE in their responsibilities. Working for a construction management company that builds multi-million dollar projects, I know that one of the most basic and fundamentally important aspects of project start-up is correctly defining property lines. There is no leeway, no cutting corners on this duty. Working on the public’s property, protected by law against personal gain, will have several negative consequences as I’m sure BNE will discover.

I’m also confident BNE will come up with some sort of reactionary response that shifts the blame associated with this mess. I do not expect BNE to not make mistakes, inexperienced as they are. The bottom line is BNE cannot look after its own welfare by adhering basic construction operations and instead cut corners. This situation in North Canaan is a clear example in their very short track record as a company. If BNE cannot even protect their own interests, how can they possibly care about interests of Prospect residents?

– Josh Walker, Vice President, Save Prospect Corp.