Letter to the editor: Anti-wind crowd not telling the whole story


I have been reading the several letters to the editor dumped upon Citizen’s News by the anti-wind people. They do not tell the whole story. Mr. Sargeant’s letter, in particular, was misleading in his characterization of the group’s behavior in now these several town meetings. He and his people are far from the benign grateful bunch that they portray in their letters.

He stated that, ‘Everyone in attendance listened intently to Mr. Zupkis and Mr. Vallillo present BNE’s side of the story’. I take issue with that description of the atmosphere of the meeting. I arrived half-way through Mr. Zupkus’ presentation. The room bristled with anger and there were several instances of people loudly sighing, laughing and muttering statements contradicting what Mr. Zupkus was trying to say. When he finished he exited to people yelling after him derisively to stay. The veiled threat there, I take it, was for him to stay to be ridiculed. They even brought in a speaker with an alternative technology to wind that criticized Rep. Vicki Nardello for being pro-green energy. This occurred after they stated at the last presentation that they were grateful to Rep. Nardello for assisting them. They clapped enthusiastically after the gentleman completed his presentation. I guess nobody is safe from their wrath.

This is the second time I have sat through this group’s presentation. I have never once made any comment, interrupted anyone nor made any gestures. Everyone has the right to speak their mind. I took the opportunity to address the Town Council myself after listening to the sarcastic comments and general deriding of Mr. Zupkus and his company. I was greeted with the same anger and disrespect that was afforded Mr. Zupkus, with people yelling things directly at me from across the room throughout the meeting as I listened quietly.

This is not the behavior that I have come to expect from my fellow Prospect residents during the 16 years that I have lived in town. While I certainly support the right for everyone to have their opinion and to express that opinion passionately, there are lines of respect and decorum that should not be crossed. They went over the line a long time ago.

Paul R. Vallillo
Prospect, CT


  1. “Clot” one other fact is that the break down of all trash and biodegradables makes “gas” like huge trash dumps. Its not fossil fuels.Its the natural process of degradation of materials such as even fruit / biomass etc. I have my facts straight it isn’t something I just through out there as misinformation I’m in this as part of my job sir.Its not a sport / club or hobby. Its a (make sure that thing keeps running it costed millions and it costs thousands a day when its down) That is the truth Mr “Clot” I am also troubled with how the new American theory is we are terrible bad people of the earth? China doesn’t care….at all. If you protested and spoke out? My old clasmate was “picked up” in the middle of the night. Why? He was asking the people in his class what it was like to live in China! The “special police” told him(after he was taken from the home he was staying at) in no uncertain terms to stay with teaching english and ask no questions about the Chinese nation! We are trying Mr “Clot” I make no apologys for all sides concerning this project and I am not some idiot who is clueless an uneducated to this subject matter I have my facts straight and have actually been trying to get people to get involved and learn what it takes to do things like energy production (for years its politics beleive it or not its that sensitive subject like it or not …why you may ask?) Think of the capitol needed for such projects? You have to lobby big gov’t agencys sir for that hand out! Infrastucture repair like our highways trains etc. I see no mentioning of options from you either on other subjects that play so much into the clean air concern? This thing here is so wrapped up in so many things that we have to look at it in the same nutshell. Mass transit along with energy design in this country and we could capatalize the world over just in new energy production. China at this time (POWER LUNCH MSN DAILY) you will see time to time that China is trying to decide if elctric cars are going to be there heading. I can assure you what they decide is where the world will have to follow. We have let them take over in engineering and model building which will shape the world to “their standards” no matter our opinions here! As they build coal fired plants month after month!

  2. In answer to “clot” simple fact is you are not going to be effected in any way truth be told. Other than the only warning would be is that these units need a 6 mile radius should they go “out of control” odds of these things are yes unlikely I will admit as technology does continue to make them safer from being struck by lightning and yes making them default to shut down should it internaly electronicaly fail they are as far as dangerous in this way unlikely. What I am angry about has more to do with our tax dollars on such projects that are federal backed and or state backed.The blindly grasping the first “so called green idea” I was furious with the fed picking up and subsidizing the ethanol deal to farmers it ran grain up and between subsidizing and the third more it took to get the same energy just made me bonkers. I am not “bantering” you may get lost in my comments or even my oponants response. Mr Villillo and Mr Zupcus may infact beleive they are on the right track and may honestly feel they are doing the right thing. I would agree that they should have felt shocked as the response to them may feel it came out of nowhere I would infact agree. Many Americans just don’t pay attention until the last minute. I really thought I was following this pretty good until I saw things moving what appeared to be suddenly radically quick. I was mearely going to Danbury and there were all these “people” on the green. Didn’t know it at the time but this was “it” in a nutshell suddenly before me. The simple fact is I have been following wind energy for years and actualy am for it. But it takes such an area and wind changes according to the gov’t own reports are years into research. You may have your degrees but I pride myself into being verymuch into the direct mechanical facts behind these things. I am mechanic of over twenty five years I am now in HVAC and building maintenance. I am very much into the enviroment I do all the green things imaginable. I refuse to burn wood because of the inefficient design in it. You’ll never see an “outside boiler” reguardless of the new zoning laws I was against it once I researched it within weeks. Unlike you sir I am in this stuff weather I want to or not it is madatory constant training in my job so its in my face like it or not. The state comes up with tighter restictions we have to do it or else fines. So you may have gone to school some years back and met a mandate and graduated but I have no choice but to stay up to date. (I mean no disrespect please understand where I’m going with this) I see the gov’t pass a restriction then I watch a back door policy become the new “way” carbon points sound familiar? I think its disgusting.You are dead on with the point you made about mercury and the chemicals in the air due to burning but this is coal and oil as they are our major sources of power production in this country. Watching the history channel show the constant dumping of coal out of hundreds of train cars that rotate and drop there loads all day is disgusting then we get coal miners for Obama because he wants to save there jobs? What side is he on I’m confused?”Clot” how about the heavy metals now showing up in Oregon because its coming over from China they don’t treat there coal they burn it with high levels of sulfur in it without any care as to anyone or any thing! I see more and more litagation then when someone like Al Gore go’s on tv and him and his left wing followers chime in to things like solar energy and wind farms I’m outta my mind. Now you may be saying here he goes again! No “clot” read closely to my arguments here: I can tell you first hand it is an amazing amount of torque to generate a meggawatt.Forget your manuals and picture books its an amazing feat. The engine I work around is as long as a typical garage and about two storys high. Now the generator its the size in lenght of a typical kitchen table. Hard to beleive? “clot” this is the whole problem. Me and Mr Villillo and Mr Zupcus differ on how infact to keep that huge input shaft turning. And “clot” this is the thing you have to ask as well as all involved. Who pays for what turns that shaft / will that choice turn that shaft at a real profit that is defensable? Safe not injuring maybe lifestyles quality of life? What are the enviromental impacts of any choice we make? Me well its like this for me “clot” like it or not I am aware of some things that maybe you thought were bantering but please I ask you to research it because myself and Mr Villillo aren’t bantering we may be “hostile in our own spat back and forth” but I think we are both either commited to our opinion or there are alterior motives that they or I feel are more important to our beleif. Noone should trust anyone is what I am asking.Me them anyone! If your on this blog you have a computer which means you have a weath of knowlege at your fingertips!Research it! I am only trying to force the notion of research. You may not have like both of our responses. But you made no referance to anything you came up with.You spoke of your education in the sciences but no actual time in energy production or understandings to the energy needed to create such energy. I can assure you I could introduce you to people who couldn’t spell or frankly might be boring in converstaion but they could impress in knowlegde of energy production and the forces needed. What I need you and others to understand is that the needed enrgy in this country is way beyond any simple wind farm. A nuclear power plant is now slated for production in this country for the first time in many years. And it is not near enough.a meggawatt here and 4 overthere is to small. What I am trying to (yes very agressivley “clot” because it takes far too laong between aproval to build.) I am angry that people know there sports scores but have no idea that Vermont is closing there Nuke plant next summer. If you picked through my “bantering” I think you would have to say to yourself rather than slam this guy why don’t I research this myself? Don’t worry it will be on the news again soon enough. I talked with some guys I know and beleive me its gonna hit the tri-state region with a loud thud next summer.When people see the proposed rate increases we’ll all be educated to political procrastination at the publics expense.Back to the “input shaft” analogy I was refering to. To build something and place demands on it responsible thinking has to be done. Can we build this and use it to capacity of our theory and what will it cost when its down? How long before it pays back and what is an acceptable allowance. reprecussions from miscalculations. What we use as a source is it plentiful cost effective and basicaly whats our “bang for the buck”? Like it or not “clot” your using carbon fuel for years to come. If your one of the solar people or wind lovers forget it between the heavy metals to produce your way its a nightmare. Case in point ask whats in a computer and you have whats in a new electric car. A heavy metal nightmare for the world. And “clot” I like the new “Chevy volt” I just hope its recyclable and I mean that because I want it to work. The car and its theory and design and (reason to build it fall into the “it makes sence to build catergory”).Solar panels? My rant explained I don’t know what you missed “clot” at night you need an inverter its that simple. Lead acid batterys…big ones kinda like a battery you see in a forklift to last the night in a home with out the central air on at night. Inverter loss amp draw of a typical 3 ton A/C unit outside way to much draw completely also dependant of solar recoup during the daylight hours from the preceding day. I think I explained myself clearly here.”Clot” people like their big screen tv’s I still have my old tube set. Because I am a real beleiver in new isn’t always better. Plasm tvs draw big power which between bigscreen tv’s and computers sucking up all that energy your fellow Americans are going to give you and me a hard time about conservation. I get angry and show it because I need people to understand where we are headed. We need large / big generation units to be ready for whats around the corner or random blackouts are coming like it or not. Why did Cheshire have a huge generator running in the middle of town couple years back? They needed power reguardless of zoning or compliance with neighbors etc. They had to tie into the grid and dump what ever they could to keep blackouts at bay.This wind turbine isn’t something that can be counted on. For the amount and waist of space I am pushing for a smarter approach to alternative means of power generation. And like it or not Co-gens are coming I just talked with our GE Jenbacher rep and these things are being built all over Ct already. there at the colleges / high schools / hospitals / factorys right here in Ct “clot” this is where you should say to yourself why don’t “I” pull up this GE Jenbacher name myself and look this up and find out what this guy is talking about and find out for myself how I feel about this going on in my own state.Emmissions use of this form of enrgy production etc. “clot” read my forum again about “ramping of wind energy” and unknowns with wind energy production and resulting responses from power plants with the grid. Please look up the GE power plants I think you’ll like the part about how they burn the old trash dumps gas that “used” to go into the atmosphere but now is burned in state of art engines and burned cleanly and produces power. Education or not “clot” I think you need to learn more I think you’ll like it yourself.We never stop learning and it could be a good thing. Never settle on something just because it sounds good. There are down sides to evrything but the trade offs are what has to be weighed.

  3. I must make a correction to my previous post. I mistakenly credited the town council chairman, Mr. Galvin, as praising the group Save Prospect Corp for their good behavior. That credit should have been given to the chairman of the Planning and Zoning board. This comment came at the planning and zoning meeting the week before. I appologize for the error. I stand by the statement that Save Prospect Corp members did behave in a civil and respectful manner at the referenced town council meeting.

    Helen Plante
    Prospect, CT

  4. To the previous commentors:

    I truly question the integrity of either of your debates based on the useless bantering I am hearing. I respect the open debate on this issue because I believe it needs to be addressed yet I question the supporting facts both of you are providing. It seems as if you would rather argue with each other and ignore the underlying issue which is does this project make sense for the community. I happen to be very much in favor of the project yet I must say I live 5 miles from the site. I understand each side of the debate and understand the concerns but it drives me crazy when people similar to yourselves base your arguments on passion rather than fact. You bounce around from fuel cells to “El Nino” but you make no sense. I am currently a seventh year high school teacher and college professor, have multiple degrees in environmental science, wildife biology, and environmental education so I believe I know a little about the “truth”. What opponents of this project forget is that each year in the United States we consume more fossil fuels than any other country yet we have very little domestic production. Along with the consumption of fossil fuels comes massive amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur oxide emissions, not to mention mercury and fine particulates. These emmissions cause breathing issues, water quality degredation, increase in soil acidity, as well as adverse affects on species diversity. The opponents of the wind turbines present very valid points yet not many have been studied as stated by the previous commentor. I understand that those living within the immediate vicinity have a concern and rightly so. I also think that the opponents need to do some educated research before jumping on board. Half the people involved couldn’t tell you anything about renewable energy or for that matter where their electricity acutally comes from. Before dismissing the idea of wind energy in Prospect lets not forget about the ancillary costs associated with fossil fuels and by the way fuel cells use fossil fuels. Bottom line before anybody comments GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. I can’t take anybody serious who presents ideas without a clue as to the reality or so called “TRUTH” I believe an open debate needs to happen but with educated people. Leave the passion at home and lets get down to business: Is this project a good idea for Prospect, for Prospect as a town not an individual.

  5. None including myself is against green energy let me be clear on that! If I lived in cape cod and we all could find a good distant spot I would be in on this in milliseconds! But its not the cape and wind for this project is only found at incredible heights without anyone even stating what category wind projection this unit falls under / nor the killowatt cost of generation and resale to the general consumer. I dare them to post it as a category 4 I’ll laugh my way over to the Ct weather center and pull 5 years of files under the freedom of information act! And beleive me I’ll be looking for that clasification for CT! The reason I brought up the Co-gen is that will run 24/7 for the most part and its bye-product of heat helps also. But even I understand that yet again coming around the corner in about 15 years or sooner is fuel cells. Thats why I would only build a gas piston engine and not a jet turbine (which could be built under ground like Walt Disney worlds in Fl) but even I understand that fuel cells are coming and the engine would give us planty of time and already a format to remove it and replace it with the fuel cells (it gives us options) that infact produce energy in a reliabale / predictable money making for Prospect than anything else on the table at this time. I can’t understand that these peolpe building this will really feel comfortable after what has transpired here already. Its amazing is an understatement.Its way to small a town to be hated?? Were vocal here lets face it!

  6. Mr Vallillo: I find it amazing your twisting of the truth. It makes me think of the present goings on in washington these days where groups such as the tea party are vilified and talked about well after the fact. I have been watching this post waiting for this “after the fact attack at the facts”!Amazing and days later here you are…..! “I” was the fella that talked about the natural gas alternative. “Facts only”: I choose as my log on because of people like you and how you twist things. I was not brought in by any party.Much as your “twist of facts insinuates” I would challenge you to prove in any way that I have any affiliation with GE through either their wind turbine / nor their involvement with their natural gas generation plants. Nor was my attendance known about by anyone other than John Hurly who I had called and asked his opinion to go and my relavence to show the option’s.I got involved because I am angry at what I feel is schear stupidity on such a project in being what it is. You and your constituants are how shall we say “hell bent” on your cheapest construction for a quick buck fake feel good project. Tell me I would like you to state right here your price per projected killowatt? Thats right post it in the middle of prospect in front of town hall. Deepwater has come forward with there’s and I have posted it as you can read already. As stated it will cost DOUBLE per killowatt with wind energy and this is a huge project with many units contributing into a mainline grid. Your project here could never even compare so please post your projected killowatt costs. I will be waiting for a response.Second thing I find amusing is the outward lie you posted again my posting is “Facts only” because no matter what lets keep it honest no matter the outcome because after all if these are built and they do what people fear the fallout in this town will be incredible I can assure you! Tell me in detail how Zupcus was in any way interupted? I was there people giggled yes but loud and unruly is an out an out lie! I was actually shocked at how under control everything was! If you were shocked or stunned what do you think is coming your way if these are built (and I must state again they do what people fear?) You and yours sir would be hard pressed to move out of town. I can’t even imagine what these people will do if this comes to be and they turn out to be infact a problem. I personaly am far enough from this site. But my respect for my neighbors and the way this country blindly follows such things as ethanol production and these fool hardy idea’s that get thrown out there need a person in energy production first hand to step forward and say hold on lets see the facts! You sir have offered nothing! Not one bit of technical information just political slap backs! I would like you to post your years of experiance with this type of project. Explain in full documented form how this energy enters the grid and is used in real day fluid form! The fact is you can’t can you? This whole thing is a “theory” right now. Thats why the incredible height is needed! You need ultimate height to reach all you can. To get the money grants you have to prove to state and fed officials because the penalty of loss is immeadiate payback of the grant! Yes or No Mr Vallillo? Please post the conditions of the grant here I challenge you.What are the reprocutions of non compliance to the aggreement of the grant? If this made you upset get ready because I will be coming again if this gets even more rediculus! I come from Danbury and after watching the mall built with so much corruption on that one I’m not standing by the sidelines on this one this project is nothing more than more Obama anything to make it look like were doing something for the economy and energy independance which is nothing less than miles from the truth! I owe Vicki Nardello nothing Tim’s thing has nothing to do with me so don’t try and link him with me to try to discredit him or affiliate the group with me. I am sitting back watching all the information and mearly correcting and fact chasing. Mrs Nardello infact is a green advocate open here web site and try and tell me she isn’t. Her heart in my opinion WHICH I STATED as my opinion and I told everyone there which you failed ofcourse to write was that I said “Not to down anything Tim is doing here but I don’t feel she’s on our side” I went on to say “Let me phrase this in a politicaly correct way” “She’s one of them” “just go to her website yourself don’t beleive me look it up yourself does anyone have a laptop go ahead look it up and when you read her whole front page do you really think she’s gonna be on your side?” “She’s one of them too!” “I think her page is even written in green!””It’s all about green technology and energy developement through green thinking” “Tell me after you see the page if you really think she’s gonna really be helping you on this?!” This in a nutshell is what I said! It is up to all to read her website and form there own opinion! This is what I got from it and from what Tim posted about her response I felt it was “soft” at best as a politician would do when its a “hot button” when you were given money just months before and won on a political platform as she did hosting these thoerys and idea’s.Lets face it HER constituants want what they picked her for. Do you think she as a politician is going to now rock the boat? I think not.For now on keep to the facts or I’ll be coming back with more at you and yours! Keep it truthful with facts that are backed up by gov’t findings. Remember its all going to come out either now or after. If people infact loose value on their homes, can’t sleep in their own homes. Should it cause finacial destruction on your neighbors you had better think of the fallout coming to you and yours. Thats alot of people overthere and I smell class action type of lawsuit. 40+ people wow could get ugly! Then theres that tryin to get gas in town going to any of the stores in town wouldn’t want to be you guys! And everyday it would just get worse!Dunkin Donuts could get risky………….these aren’t threats its the reality of sleep deprived people and the unknowns to follow from finacial losses and unknown or things to come in reaction to these unknowns. 30 house’s loose there values so the rest of the town must pick up the loss in tax revenue? The fact that the equipment lose’s its taxable income quickly so the tax gain is nothing that should even be brought up. They aren’t going to try and write down the value of there equipment after losses of power generation throughout a given year or years? Come-on get real! Another thing most gov’t studys of wind are 15 years! This gets facts in for change in weather patterns over sveral years! Does El Neno ring a bell and La Neno CHANGES IN WATER TEMP in the sea’s can change weather patterns for a year or years! Its a simple fact!Notice the weather change this year and how it got everyone off guard next year could be a mild warmer winter we don’t know for sure we can try and predict but it takes years of study!

  7. I don’t know what meeting Mr. Vallillo was attending last week but it wasn’t the same meeting I was at. Everyone did listen to what Mr. Zupkus said. There may have been a quiet sigh or snort but hardly an openly hostile environment that “bristled with anger”. I admit I did chuckle when Mr. Zupkus said that people would find the turbines relaxing and would come to view for them for pleasure. Driving by then to view it is far different than living within 1000 feet of them 24/7, 365 days a year. Mr. Zupkus said he would be available to answer questions then promptly left the room. People were talking amongst themselves wondering where he was going not “yelling after him derisively to stay”. The gentleman that spoke about an alternative to wind power was asked by an individual to come and speak not by the group as a whole. Tim Reilly made it very clear and in great detail that the group was very appreciative of Rep. Vicki Nardello’s responsiveness to our questions and concerns and that we did not share that gentleman’s opinion of Vicki. The enthusiastic clapping was for the simple fact that there are other alternatives to wind turbines for generating energy. Maybe in residential areas, that alternative is better. That is a matter that would have to be thoroughly investigated to ensure public safety, health and economic interests of residents are protected.
    Mr. Vallillo feels the opposing group showed poor behavior and were disrespectful and that “there are lines of respect and decorum that should not be crossed”. I agree but those lines have not been crossed by Save Prospect Corp. The town council chairman, Mr. Galvin, praised the group for our respectful behavior and good conduct during the meeting. We were passionate and well informed. I think that was what was so upsetting to Mr. Vallillo.

    Helen Plante
    Prospect, CT