Letter to the editor: Agrees borough needs automatic budget referendum


I read the article in the Citizen’s News “Commission lines up possible Charter changes in its crosshairs,” by Elio Gugliotti. The Part that caught my attention was that the budget should go to an automatic referendum.

I agree with commission member David Cronin that it should because, after all, the taxpayers are the ones footing the bill.

Presently we have to have residents sign a petition to have their say in the budget. In a sense it is like begging for the chance to have a say in how we spend our money.

It was stated that we elect people to do the task of deciding what our budget should be. That is true. I appreciate that they spend a lot of time and effort and I applaud them, but there are pros and cons in that. We can look at dozens of states and towns that rely on this method and they are in bad shape.

I think the taxpayers in this huge decision know best financially what they can afford. It’s as former mayor Bill Rado used to say, “Is it need of want?”

I think that commission member Cronin is right on target wanting to involve the residents in this issue.

It was also said the budget process, presently in place, allows for ample opportunity for the public to be heard. That too is true, providing you are not one of the people stationed at a storefront, rain or shine, waiting for residents of Naugatuck to sign a petition so we can have a say in the budget.

Ann Rozycki