Letter: The worst and best reasons to sign a petition


letters_flatTo the editor,

        1)      I’ll sign because I don’t know the circulator and he doesn’t know me.

        2)      I rent, my property taxes aren’t affected.

        3)      He will be the only to see my name.

        4)      I’ll sign. This guy will never stop talking and leave.

        5)      I’m in a hurry, I’ll sign.

6)      It doesn’t directly affect me.

7)      Taxes will pay for it — only about $2-3,000 plus for the referendum or primary.

8)      My signature won’t make a difference. They always collect more than they need.

9)      I’ll sign. I don’t have any school-age children.

10)  I always sign these.

11)  I don’t agree with him, but it’s his right. I’ll sign.

12)  It takes guts to go door to door. I’ll sign.

13)  I’ll sign because I agree with the purpose of the statement on the petition and I understand it fully. I also don’t doubt the integrity of the individual and am more than willing to share the cost and I promise I’ll vote.

Douglas Merriman

Town Council member