Letter: Thank you for helping church fundraiser


To the editor,

On Aug. 1, 2012 St. Francis of Assisi Church Hall in Naugatuck sustained about $300,000 worth of water damage when it became flooded. About 6 inches of rain fell that day but because of clogged sewer drains in the borough, which caused a waterfall to slam and break through the church windows leaving the church hall in complete and total destruction. As a result I wanted to help the church that opens its doors with kindness and charity to all people.

I decided to organize a ziti dinner fundraiser to help with the rebuilding costs on Sept. 17, 2012 at Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille in Watertown. There were many people who helped with the St. Francis of Assisi rebuilding church hall fundraiser and whom I would like to thank. Ralph Delbuono and the staff at Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille were instrumental in cooking, organizing, donating space and beverages, and hours of time preparing for the fundraiser. The following businesses donated food items for the dinner: Aventura’s Italian Deli, Big Y, Cavallos Imported Italian Deli, Friendly’s Restaurant in Naugatuck, Gresczyk Farm, John’s Pizza Restaurant, Massaro Farm, Oliver’s Supermarket, Town Plot IGA Supermarket, and Paesano’s Pasta House Restaurant. Several other businesses also donated items for the raffle and are listed as follows: DeCarlo’s Thrifty Cleaners & Formal Wear Showcase, Elon Vilardo at Daytona Tanning & Hair Studio in Prospect, Evette LLC Hair & Nail Studio in Naugatuck, Howie Rosenblatt at Rosenblatt’s Department Store, Mike’s Pizza Palace, The Cellular Connection (Verizon Wireless) in Naugatuck, Prospect Jewelers, Vision Associates of Prospect, and Walmart of Naugatuck. Live performances were provided by John McGrath and Andrea Paquin. The Citizen’s News and Naugatuck Patch also published the event description. In addition, volunteers donated their time the night of the event; Brandon, Rexhina, Myslymi, Bernice Rizk, Louise Stamat, and Joseph Stango. Thank you all for your help, kind words, time, and donations.

Please support these area businesses. Without their encouragement, donations, and support the fundraiser would not have raised $605 to help rebuilding the Donahue Hall at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Naugatuck. Thank you all again very much for the hard work, time, and effort to help the church who gives without asking for praise or acknowledgement.

Alicia Kenworthy