Letter: Taxpayers spoke at Prospect referendum


letters_flatTo the editor,

Prospect’s owner-taxpayers spoke out again by defeating Mayor Bob’s latest budget proposal. Hopefully at some point Mayor Chatfield will see the light and limit raises to 1 percent, restore funding to the police department ($7,500), the parks ($2,680), our library ($2,500), recreation ($5,000) and youth summer programs ($500).

Further, Mayor Bob should not drop $13,000 into a non-existent contingency fund. By limiting his friends’ pay raises to 1 percent and redirecting the $13,000 from the contingency fund, we can restore full support to programs which help our police department, youth and seniors. If he’s serious about helping Prospect’s most needy, the Mayor will need to cut funds to Friends of Bob such as his many contractor-supporters.

All FOT’s, Friends of Taxpayers, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent, must keep the pressure on Mayor Bob to consider everyone’s interests in his budget plans, not only FOBs.

Dominick Mirabelle