Letter: Szewczyk will speak out on education reform


To the editor,

I have two young children in the education system here in Connecticut and after listening to former Gov. Jeb Bush at GE last month, and staying up-to-date through Michelle Rhee’s Students First organization, we must improve our education system in Connecticut if we are to be a competitive state in the future. We must motivate our best teachers and remove those who aren’t getting it done.

In 2012 our legislators voted down the tenure reform legislation (LCO 7994) that would have taken a small step to restoring sanity in the system.

I support state Senate candidate Tony Szewczyk in the 17th District because he is speaking out about real education reform, and isn’t afraid to take on the teacher’s unions. Meanwhile, incumbent Sen. Joe Crisco voted against LCO 7994 and as a Democrat is highly unlikely to take on the unions who support his party so heavily

Mitch Beck