Letter: Supports Nardello for state representative


To the editor,

I have known Vickie Nardello for more than 20 years. In that time I have come to witness first hand what a true representative of the people is. From the time of our founding fathers it was about people paying taxes and electing representatives who would give them a voice, since their daily responsibilities as citizens would prevent them from being involved directly in state government on a daily basis.

Most of you who know me know my views are conservative and Republican in nature. But those who know me also know that I stand on principle, and would never choose party over substance. For years I have been voting to reelect Vickie as our state representative and will do so again this year. And the reason why is simple. She answers your calls, fully discloses the processes and realities of workings with legislative and agency bodies as they address issues that are of concern or interest to you, and always votes her conscience with full consideration of those she represents in Prospect, Cheshire and Bethany. And that is exactly what we expect from our elected leaders. The difference with Vickie is that you actually get it.

The past few years in town have been tough for the people on the hill on the south side of town, and for those of you who supported us from around town and beyond. Often we felt alone, fighting against the government machine. We felt that we had no connections to help us in this fight, but one, our state representative, Vickie Nardello.

At that time, Vickie was our shining light in an otherwise dismal tunnel of gloom. She informed us of our options within state law and procedures. She fought for public hearings, made her positions in representation of her constituents known to state agencies, and never wavered in her support of doing what was right and within the responsibilities of her elected position.

Although I hope you never do, someday you may face such an incredibly difficult time in your life. If you do, I pray to God that Vickie Nardello is there as your state representative to help you along your way to a solution. She is the only choice this November. Please reelect Vickie Nardello as state representative for the 89th district.

Timothy C. Reilly