Letter: Support of project overwhelming


letters_flatTo the editor,

Sixty-eight boxes of goods were delivered to the Naugatuck Post Office for shipment to Afghanistan. The feeling of knowing that we all had a great part in making this happen was unbelievable. It left you with a sad but good feeling when the gentlemen were loading the boxes into the truck to deliver them to the post office. Once they arrived there and were on the lift all you could think about was, wow, the people that helped me do this should all be here to see this.

Then you stand back and say these guys are fighting for our country and have to buy their own stuff. What’s wrong with this picture? Prisoners get more than they do. We have to help the ones that are looking over us and protecting us.

These boxes weighed 3,650 pounds. They contained over 3,174 shaving creams, razors, toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental floss, powders, sanitary products, toilet paper, deodorants, Ramen Noodles, cookies, candies, potato chips, popcorn, coffee, tea, Crystal Light, cigars, blankets, batteries, blankets and 2,712 pairs of socks giving each soldier six pairs. The total project cost over $14,156 not counting the donation of food products that were received.

There are so many supporters that have helped with this project that it’s overwhelming. First, I would like to Jim Miele for his continuous assistance. Naugatuck Savings Bank, the United Way, American Legions, Polish American Club, Eagles Club, Fat Bastards M.C., attorney Fitzpatrick, NHS ROTC, the funeral homes, Ed Hughes and Edible Dreams, the Bellemare and Letts families, the woman’s clubs, Naugatuck businesses, Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 1946, the schools and all the teachers that took the time to have their students write out Christmas letters to our troops. Thank you to ITW Highland for all the boxes, Pennsylvania Steel, and to all of the anonymous donors. Whether these donations were monetary, goods or time, it all came from the heart. Thank you for your support and the faith you have placed in me to continue this project.

I would also like to send a big thank you to the Naugatuck Post Office. All of these boxes were received in time for Christmas so that each one of our service members had something to open. Lastly, I would like to give a special thanks to out troops for their unwavering courage, dedication and service to our country.

Thank you.

Dolly Lengyel