Letter: Stay focused following election


To the editor,

How is it that the greatest country and the greatest nation on Earth has a corrupt, perhaps dysfunctional, perhaps fraudulent election voting system, where one votes for candidate A but the machine records the vote for candidate B — but will tell countries like my home country, for example, to have free and fair elections.

It has been reported that a senior advisor said mendacious Romney is “shell shocked.” There is no need to be Mr. Romney because although you were prevented from creating 12 million jobs, you have created one job — the President’s.

The GOP pundits have been saying it loud and clear that it was Hurricane Sandy, an act of God and nature, which made President Obama win the election. If that is true, then wouldn’t any act of God be a blessing.

Despite his humble upbringing, President Obama has show a class not seen in the years of verbal toxic waste against him by those of privileged upbringing. Truly a show of class. What a marked difference.

Let us not take our eyes off the ball. Consider the Romney-Ryan agenda: 47 percent are not responsible for their lives. They want hand-outs said Mr. Romney; 35 percent are not makers but takers according to “Private” Ryan; 82 percent who want welfare; 17 percent are the very poor, but they have a safety net said Mr. Romney; 99 percent is the amount of Americans who they would not worry about.

Isn’t it obvious who they would care about? That is also the agenda of the GOP today, tomorrow, and beyond. Stay focused.

Aston Lee