Letter: State needs leaders with common sense


To the editor,

Recent letters to the editor attempt to claim that the 89th House race between Lezlye Zupkus and Vickie Nardello turns on the now defunct Prospect Wind Project. The race has nothing to do with wind and everything to do with the need for change in Hartford. The recent editorials are writers’ attempts to confuse the facts and distract voters from the issues.

Nardello’s record shows a repeated voting record of increasing taxes, growing government and restricting business opportunities within our state resulting in businesses and industry leaving.

Lezlye’s campaign is focused on creating a more business friendly Connecticut. A Connecticut where our children will be well educated. A Connecticut where our children will remain and use their talents to improve and grow our state in business and industry.  A Connecticut with opportunity, not one that is a launching pad sending our children to other states to live and work.

We need leaders in Hartford who have the common sense to know that ever-increasing government regulation is choking Connecticut’s economy. We also need leaders who truly are concerned about keeping our towns safe, not someone who votes to abolish the death penalty and allow violent offenders to get early release.

This election isn’t about wind.  It’s about electing someone with a common sense, fresh vision and saying good bye to the incumbent who has grown government and restricted opportunity not only in Prospect, Bethany and Cheshire but in all of Connecticut.

Audra Dyckman