Letter: Show support for soldiers, veterans all year


letters_flatTo the editor,

As you are reading this, I am sure you will note that today is not the national holiday known as Veterans Day. However, much like how we don’t show signs of love to those we care about only on Valentine’s Day, I think that it is imperative that we show signs of support and appreciation to all of those who have served our country in the past and present, throughout the whole of the year.

I am a civilian, in fact 99 percent of our nation’s population consists of civilians. Please consider this, 1 percent of our nation defends the rights and freedoms of the rest. The majority of us live a normal routine based life. We wake up in our beds, eat breakfast and prepare for the day ahead at work. We stress out over our work which, unless you are in a medical field, police force, EMT corp, or a firefighter or similar, will most likely not be life threatening to anyone. Then we return home to our comforts, TV, dinner, and bed, to then wakeup and complete the same steps as the sun breaches the horizon again. Our soldiers, both men and women, in all branches of the Armed Forces cannot however say the same. Throughout the history of these United States they have faced unimaginable situations, and many times on a daily basis.

As an engineer, I believe there are an infinite number of solutions to any given problem. With this philosophy, I can’t say that I fully agree with the solutions that our nation’s leaders select for the variety of global issues each day, many of which include sending our men and women to the battlefront. I would personally seek the option of putting the lives of these brave and strong citizens on the line as a last and final resort. Unfortunately, I haven’t been asked to sit in on such meetings to assist in these decisions. I am extremely grateful though, to the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our nation and her interests, who follow their orders to defend our constitutional rights, our nation’s borders, and provide us with the freedom to enjoy our comforts without worry or threat.

In addition to the men and women of our Armed Forces, I would also like to extend this note of appreciation out to the families of those serving. These families not only have to face the difficult times while their loved ones are away, but they also continue to sacrifice for our nation after our veterans return, many with wounds, PTSD, or other side effects of living through the various nightmares, that dwarf the worst of what our minds twist into existence while we lie snug in our beds at night.

Our nation and the rights of her people were founded on certain principles, these principles were true and within themselves held great strength. However, if it was not for the honorable who have stood in arms and defended those principles, the United States of America would be a very different place than we know it today. At a minimum we owe these valiant civil servants our appreciation on a daily basis, but they deserve more. Please keep them and their families in mind during all aspects of life, from the random thank you, to job offers and beyond.

Thank you, and may this find you and yours happy and healthy.

Michael Opuszynski

Beacon Falls