Letter: Set personal issues aside


letters_flatTo the editor,

I write you in the hopes of defending Ms. Linda Ramos. On June 7, Mr. Jim Miele, who I also know and is a former student of mine, was in my humble opinion a bit rough on Linda.   Respectfully I think that the comment made that Linda invest in a worthwhile cause is baseless.  I have worked with Linda in many charitable events that she organized. For example I am a DJ entertainer and I am a martial arts school owner. In the past several years Linda has organized charity events that used both of my services. Linda has run several events as fundraisers for the Tender Years Preschool, the most recent being when they were flooded out and lost toys and supplies. This last April, Linda organized a scholarship fundraiser in the memory of Sandy Hook victims. 

So I ask Jim to look past personal issues and to extend an olive branch in the interest of peace and community. 

Troy Bond Sr.