Letter: Send Greene back to Hartford


To the editor,

After reading the letter to the editor from Susan Wisneski last week, one would probably believe that Rep. Len Greene hates women, veterans and children. What Ms. Wisneski failed to tell you, is that all of the bills that Rep. Greene voted “no” on were not stand alone bills in the legislature, but were lumped into massive bills that included many new expenditures that the state of Connecticut does not need and cannot afford. What she failed to tell you, is that everything she quoted was taken out of context. The fact is that several of these issues were buried in the Democrat’s budget, which also happened to include $1.8 billion in tax increases. She referred to the Connecticut Bioscience Collaborative deal, which spent more than $300 million of our tax dollars on a deal that would only create 300 new jobs. That equals 1 million tax dollars per job. Ms. Wisneski referred to Rep. Greene as “Mr. No,” but with carefree spending such as that, I am glad he represents the people of our district and voted no. I am glad to have a representative like Len Greene Jr. who takes the time to read through entire bills and has a good understanding of the needs of the residents of Connecticut and isn’t afraid to do the right thing regardless of party lines.

Let’s send Rep. Len Greene back to Hartford for another term to keep up the good work.

Robin Andrews