Letter: Selectman calls for special meeting



To the editor,

It is Tuesday morning and I am still surprised at something that occurred at last night’s Beacon Falls Board of Selectmen meeting. On the agenda was a discussion of a drainage issue at a property on South Main Street owned by Mario Trepca, LLC.  The issue involves a town-owned drainage pipe and the desire of the property owner to reroute the drainage to a better location.  Since the pipe is owned by the town, he was asking if the town would share the cost of the project.

There were no representatives from either the property owner or from the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission present to answer questions, and I had several to ask in order to make an informed decision. When I asked the First Selectman for that information, if he had it, or for a slight delay in order to obtain it, he responded that my not wanting to take a vote that night constituted a “No” vote on my part, and that he was now done with the matter entirely.

To say I was shocked by his position is an understatement. There is absolutely no reason why a special Board of Selectmen meeting cannot be scheduled in the very near future to get enough information to make a decision on a project that could bring new business into this community, rather than simply rejecting it out of hand because the First Selectman is “done” with it.

I regret needing to use this forum, but time is short for the rest of the building season, so I call upon the First Selectman to schedule a special Board of Selectmen meeting within the next 10 days in order to fully, and fairly, answer the question on behalf of all parties in this matter.

Christopher J. Bielik


Beacon Falls


  1. I guess you have to apply a definition of what you see as progress. As you read more news stories and the minutes from Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance meetings, it is clear that we are in a bit of a financial mess. But it reads to me that the current administration has made progress, but that progress is defined as correcting past issues from an administration that started many projects without having them fully paid for. That is fact.

  2. First – your routine commentary is nothing but one sided attacks that somehow you have twisted into stating as fact.

    Second – In your world, the better options is a ticket that is comprised of a of individuals that could not get it’s act together to begin with to furnish a slate. A upper ticket comprised of individuals that at one time or another have walked away from their civil services responsibilities. A ticket comprised of individuals that lack ‘true’ commitment to the roles they are running for. A ticket that has demonstrated time and time again that they adhere to their own agenda weather or not it is to the benefit of the overall town. And lastly a ticket that is comprised of individuals that fail to take a stand whenever there is any sort of push back.

    Yes…you have convinced me that this is indeed the better alternative. I will allow you to enter your own amount of sarcasm. I’m not going out of my way to claim Belik is the answer, but for you to act as if there has been such ‘progress’ under current administration goes back to my original comment about your ignorance.

  3. jd06403 has demonstrated time and time again that he knows nothing. Simply a troll spouting ignorance.

    Example A: I doubt he is the first minority selectman to be left out in the cold.

  4. Dear jd06403, the minutes do not accurately portray the meeting. The topic was not tabled. Mr. Smith ended the conversation.

  5. Reading the minutes from this meeting, the board of selectmen tabled this discussion until the next meeting, so no decision was made and selectman Beliik is getting what he wants, time to collect information. So, I take his letter as something to get attention as he is running against mr smith.

    As to the other response, this reads like more democratic ‘blame the republicans’ rhetoric we hear from Wash DC. If mr Belik is going to cry every time he is not included in a conversation then he just proves he is not ready to be 1st selectman. I doubt he is the first minority selectman to be left out in the cold.

  6. The citizens of Beacon Falls typically hear of the arrogant behavior of the First Selectman through conversational riffs in town. Your voice via the editorial here documents how he has mismanaged this town through his self-serving behavior. Unfortunately, he does not have the best interest of the town in mind. Your article was buried in this online paper while the dribble coming from the First Selectman’ ghost writer is front and center. We need elected officials in place that care for the town, wanting the best for every citizen—not chosen by party lines.