Letter: Resident warns of possible scam


letters_flatTo the editor,

I feel it is my obligation to let the public know that there is possibly a scam going around. A person calls and pretends he is from Publishers Clearing House, telling that person that he or she has won over $1 million. The catch is you talk to an accomplice. When he tells you you won, you have to go and purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card for $499. You give him the numbers off the back and he uses the money you put on it for himself.

The day he is supposed to bring you the money he pretends to get stopped at the state border and claims that the IRS and the FBI have stopped him because the money is such a large amount, but does not have a gold seal. He then asks you for more money.

I want the public informed as to a possible scam and to warn them.

Donna Colak

Beacon Falls