Letter: Resident questions details of attack



To the editor, 

One day on my morning drive, I was listening to a morning talk radio show called The Power Hour, hosted by Nurse Joyce Riley. Not your typical show, yet still filled with important news and a wide variety of guests on a variety of subjects.

In one of her news items, Rachel Maddow of the Rachel Maddow show from MSNBC came up. She re-aired a sound byte where Ms. Maddow verbally attacked Alex Jones and his nationally syndicated radio show. I missed what was said, but Nurse Riley’s editorial comment was that Ms. Maddow has given a greater boost to the Alex Jones show than Alex could have done himself. Intrigued, I decided to do some of my own research.

First I looked into what Ms. Maddow stated for more clarification. After a brief search, I found something on the Youtube website. In a video of her show about 28 minutes long, she opened up with a narrative about the rising media sensation Alex Jones and how he is peddling conspiracy theories, such as 9/11 and to quote, “The government did it to enslave us or whatever,” end quote. She was armed with three publications, the 9/11 commission report, the comic book version of the 9/11 commission report, and an issue of popular mechanics attempting to debunk the alternative information of the 9/11 event.

Though long on gab, and sarcasm, she came up short on facts. In fact, in the 28 minutes, she failed to produce any evidence from those publications to disprove any of the alleged 9/11 conspiracy theories and only produced an array of slanderous remarks towards Alex Jones, and how he believes that 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombing were acts of staged terrorism. Having my curiosity aroused, I did a searched on Alex Jones and what he was actually talking about. What I found was earth-shattering.

Now I will open with the latest polls showing that upwards of 50 percent of Americans don’t believe the media generated story of the 9/11 event. Alex Jones is on record stating that 9/11 was planned by criminal portions of our government, and that George Bush new nothing prior to the attack. In one of his interviews he had with Richard Gage of the architects and engineers for 9/11 truth group, it was simply put forth that any skyscraper with a steel core column, made with 40,000 tons of structural steel, encased in concrete, and designed to take multiple hits from a Boeing 707, could not be felled with one strike from a Boeing 767. The collapse of buildings 1, 2, and 7 defy all the laws of architecture, physics, metal urging, yet comply with all the laws of controlled demolition. How can a Boeing 767 hit the Pentagon, yet we can not see any photos of the plane or wreckage from the most heavily surveilled building on the planet? Why could they not produce the two Rolls Royce turbine engines made of titanium and steel? Oh yes, the engines were disintegrated from the heat of burning jet fuel. Again in Shanksville, Pa. we have a jet liner downed by passengers, yet no wreckage. Was that disintegrated as well?

James Thomas