Letter: Resident looking for witnesses to robbery


letters_flatTo the editor,

I am writing to the citizens of Naugatuck for assistance in possibly witnessing a crime that took place last Wednesday, July 3 (the same evening of our town’s fireworks) between 6 and 6:30 p.m.  

What should have been a fun evening turned into a day of chaos. It took place between the corner of North Main Street (near Old Corner Cafe) and Linden Park and Linden Street. My son and a friend had just finished playing basketball at Linden Park and were walking home when a four-door black car, possibly a Nissan with three young men in their early 20s decided to stalk the area. We are assuming they aren’t from Naugatuck but very possibly could be. We believe the car proceeded down North Main, then Curtiss Street and parked on Linden Street and waited there while two of the passengers got out and walked down North Main. They approached my son and his friend and robbed them in broad daylight. A short chase took place down the middle of the North Main Street but unfortunately they got away with his iPhone. A police report was filed but we need witnesses to help.  

We have tried to locate the phone using iCloud and findmyiphone apps without success. Our insurance does not cover lost or stolen phones so at this point it is a lost cause, even for the criminals since it is reported stolen and therefore no cell phone carrier will activate it. It will most likely end up sold on the street or in the trash somewhere — $600 down the drain. A very senseless act. And the perpetrator actually asked to use the phone to make a phone call. This is what you get for being nice. If anyone saw this event happen, or have seen this car or know who did it, please call your tips into the Naugatuck Police Department (203) 729-5222 or turn the phone into the department. 

Many youth use Linden Park and we need to do more as a community to make North Main Street safer. This particular evening, many roads were closed and blocked off. It was reported to police about an hour after it happened but I am relying on my neighbors for any help with this matter and I will try to remain hopeful that someone will read this and help us.

Thank you very much.

Natalie Re