Letter: Resident frustrated after visit to town hall


letters_flatTo the editor,

Today, May 20, 2013 the date of the budget referendum, I was at the Prospect Town Hall.

While there, I noticed an employee using her work computer to browse Facebook while she was supposed to be working for the salary that we are being asked to give her. She was picking out a “cute little doggie” photo to put on her desktop.

Then an Avon Lady came and stood outside the office door and was called in to show off her catalog. I was told that it was 4 o’clock and that the Town Hall was closed, but Avon Lady had stood behind me for a good five minutes. I wonder if I hadn’t been there if she would have been in the office and selling before the 4 o’clock cut off.

I find it interesting that this town employee needs a raise when she didn’t seem to have enough work to do and had plenty of time for Facebook and Avon.

One other thing perplexes me. What has happened to business attire? Another employee was dressed in jeans. Since when are jeans proper business attire in a town hall no matter how small the town?

The budget was voted down again at referendum. Until I went to the Town Hall this afternoon, I had every intention of believing Mayor Chatfield and voting “yes” for the proposed budget. After my encounter with these under-worked and under-dressed employees, I went right to the firehouse and voted a big no.

It’s not too late to do anything about the budget this year because it was voted down again. We should stand up against giving raises to the employees of the Town of Prospect as some of them don’t seem to have enough to do already.

Patricia Smith Zappone